Why Choose Lion Studios?

We understand that every work of art is highly personal and it is best to work in a professional studio environment, designed for acoustic perfection, to be fully immersed in the creative process to achieve the best results and memories that will last a lifetime.

Audio Recording
Music Scoring
Performance Venue
Album Production

Combining World-Class Acoustics with Digital Precision

For over 42 years, we have been providing top quality audio recordings for commercial release, firstly for PolyGram Records and later for local & regional record labels and artists.

Our Engineers have years of experience and have worked with countless clients and commercially released productions.

With acoustics by world-renowned studio architect Jeff Cooper (who has designed studios for Hollywood elites such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg), our Main Studio has gained a world wide reputation as a first class ‘live’ recording facility across all genres of music. Divided into three sections for different acoustic treatments, every curve and angle in the studio is intentionally designed to deliver sonic perfection.

We offer you a fully equipped, professionally designed recording environment, with professional equipment operated by professional engineers.

We will also provide you with most of the basic musical instruments, including Drums, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers, Amplifiers, and two Grand Pianos (Yamaha C3 & Kawai RX-7) at no extra charge.

Our Main Studio is able to accommodate up to 150 persons.

If you require Composition, Musical Arrangement, Mixing and/or Mastering services, we have freelance professionals working with us who are able to cater to your needs. 

If you require the services of professional “session musicians" to help you out in your production, we are also able to source these musicians for you.

Our studio also provides the perfect environment for video recordings of your studio sessions. In this day and age, it is no secret that having top-quality video recordings will boost the reach and viewership of your music. If you are thinking of producing music videos for your songs, we are also able to source professional videographers to meet your video recording needs. 

Lion Studios is the top choice of legends such as JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun, and many more, when it comes to rehearsal spaces. Prior to going on regional tours, experienced artists recognize that the world-class acoustics and huge space that only we can provide is the premium venue for them to rehearse with their full band.

Apart from our main studio, we also have smaller rehearsal rooms for smaller setups. 



Our Clients

Our wide range of clientele ranging from audio, video, film and events!

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