A Legacy That Spans Four Decades

Experience the surreal that is most sublime
In a monument that has conquered the test of time

Our Musical Heritage

Since 1980

Throughout the years with PolyGram Records to our independence, we have hosted, recorded, and produced music for many legends and greats.

Teresa Teng

Nuradee Brothers

Annie Yi

Tracy Huang

M. Nasir

Lilian Lee



Jeremy Monteiro

Ramli Sarip

Tokyo Blue


Architectured to realize the artist’s dream
An immaculate setting for stars to gleam

We are an exclusive venue, providing an intimate space that delivers unparalleled sound. Every angle of the room is designed for acoustic precision.

An exquisite treat for the music connoisseur
Savor the frequencies served crystal clear

A stunning canvas for music artists. An unforgettable experience for passionate fans.

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